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Fiction, Humor, Verbosity

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Fiction, Humor, and Verbosity.

If I publish this link to my story, will the story get any traction from it?

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She watched him — his face, up close — and said, through the space in the fence boards, “We need spoons.”

There was a young boy walking, at the end of the fifty-foot fence just come around the corner, and when the boy trailed the stick along the boards, the…

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Author’s personal photo with Stevie Wonder — 2016

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Essay, Life Lessons

iPhoneImages ©Daniel J Klein — Author


iPhoneImages ©Daniel J Klein — Author

Your Memory is the 2nd Thing to Go.

Thank God!

Long-term, recollections from youth — middle age, even — not a problem. I revel in the best of them and sabotage myself with the worst of them.

Ambiguity becomes a way of life, the only respite from it seems to…

Daniel J Klein

Award-winning Iowa Writers Workshop Alumni. Daniel’s first novel, Lost In Los Alamos, is querying and available to literary agents. www.CoffeeHouseBlog.com

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