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Because Happiness Decoded, Poetic Therapy, & Samra inspired me

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Voice. Of the many attributes of literature, Voice is one I constantly consider and try to employ. (As I wrote the prior sentence, I just realized that, coincidentally, I am a Voice Over Artist. That’s a funny one!)

For this first in a series called Written To Inspire, I would…

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Under the Wire, But a Solid Showing Nonetheless, IMO

Screenshot from Vocal.Media website

Can’t Win If You Don’t Submit, Can You?

I missed the deadline for a Vocal. Media challenge I thought was ending yesterday. But it caused me to discover I could submit multiple stories to the Fiction Challenge. 25, $5000 winners. Not something to snooze at. …

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Innocent of Guilt, Guilty of Innocence

Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

The Ascension of Raul Martinez

Small dark hands wring blood from a white worn handkerchief now stained red. Tears drop into the mix as he almost blindly looks to the outer door, expecting it to burst its hinges, the wood splintering from the force of Justice come to claim him. Through his tears, the tulip…

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Sometimes when I awaken, I’m eleven years old again.

Photo by Tekton on Unsplash

The Mexico of My Father’s Body

When I was young, I remember my father once believed that my mother did not believe his name was Stewart. He had become obsessed with the notion that she had constructed another life for him that she believed he hid from her.

He set about to prove that he was…

Fiction | Short Story

When Elvis Winked At Me

Photo of Author and His Mother

When we hit the rise just before the railroad tracks, she must’ve been doing about fifty miles an hour in a twenty-five mph zone, somewhere near the Overton Park Zoo in Memphis. We were airborne over the tracks.

Sometime between the time I was three and forty-three, my mother acquired…

Daniel J Klein

Award-winning Iowa Writers Workshop Alumni. Querying his first novel, Lost In Los Alamos, and available to literary agents. https://medium.com@CoffeeHouseBlog

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